Womanhood ART

The moon and me / La lune et moi / La luna e io

   The moon is a relatively recent “discovery” for me, I would say since a couple of years. I started questionin

Do it as you wish / En combien de fois ? / In quante volte vuoi

I decided to write this post to clarify the possibility for me to sell a painting and for you to split the payment in how many

Invisible Body Disabilities – Chiara De Marchi project

Sometimes you meet great people and amazing projects. Internet helps a lot! Maybe one day they I’ll met Chiara de Marchi

Puzzle, farewells and reboots */* Puzzle, au revoir et redémarrage */* Puzzle, addii e riavvii

Initially I wanted talk to you about my current project “January Aceo Art”. I create a new aceo card every day for

Welcome autumn ! (and the useful art ;-) )

A quick post this week because I want introduce you one thing that I didn’t really present on the blog yet : original bo

Healing the world , carry on with motherhood / Guérison du monde, continuum du maternage

There is so much in this painting that I don’t even know from where to start.                  I’

“Just look” video (and holidays)

Mon dernier #ArtFriday a été inspiré par quelque chose qui est encore très difficile pour moi: rester simplement assise et

Sacred Woman and International women’s day (the story behind the painting and more)

International women’s day. At 42 and half (the HALF is important as for the two years old or the fifteen years old !) I

We do need some magic (sketch friday mode ON )

Hello world! A bit late this week and still thinking hard to the use of this blog which I don’t wanna be “justR