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Coloring your babywearing life

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There is something extremely tiring for me with the children (mine as I live with them of course) and it is the fact to exist

Puzzle, farewells and reboots */* Puzzle, au revoir et redémarrage */* Puzzle, addii e riavvii

Initially I wanted talk to you about my current project “January Aceo Art”. I create a new aceo card every day for

If you stop you’re lost / Celui qui hésite est perdu / Chi si ferma é perduto

In 2013 I created this ACEO card that titled “Too many thoughts,too much noise” Since then my life / activities /

Healing the world , carry on with motherhood / Guérison du monde, continuum du maternage

There is so much in this painting that I don’t even know from where to start.                  I’

You want too much / TU veux tout faire Il faut choisir / Vuoi fare troppe cose….

I’ve often been say that I wanted to do many things and never finish any. This approach is always quite common with chil

What summer is about

“Just look” video (and holidays)

Mon dernier #ArtFriday a été inspiré par quelque chose qui est encore très difficile pour moi: rester simplement assise et

Everybody needs a cat in their life (sometimes two) . The story behind the painting

And a dog, of course, don’t get me wrong : I love dogs ! The best for me is to have them both and if the grow together e