Start of the year CLEANING / NETTOYAGE de début d’année / PULIZIA inizio anno

OK, until end of January, it’s official !, we can do actions and calling them “starting of the year action”

Parole in fasce : vite che costruiranno questo mondo (new book, nouveau livre)

Un po’ di mesi fa, non saprei nenche più dire quando esattamente visto che mi pare di conoscerla da tanto tempo, Nicoletta

How to deal with a “step back ” ? – Comment gérer “le pas en arrière”? – Come fare col “passo indietro” ?

Referring to my latest post about freedom and accepting deeply yourself how do you manage with going back to old habits and ol

*Free ** Libre ***Libera

I'm still wondering what freedom means to me. Surely the act of creating leads to the sensation and the consciousness of being

August the strange month / Août, le mois bizarre / Agosto, lo strano mese

I’ve always been someone that anticipate. Being an anxious person I suppose anticipating made me feel safer somehow and

* Me , the Artist ** Moi, l’artiste *** Io l’artista

Many times in these last ten years of my activity as an artist (and even before) I’ve been struggling and be really unha

* Humility and imperfection ** Humilité et imperfection ***Umiltà e imperfezione

* Humility and imperfection Two thoughts (actually more than two!) blink in my head in a very recurrent way: – one is th

Coloring your babywearing life

“Coloring your babywearing life” How to Share With Just Friends How to share with just friends. Posted by Facebook

Invisible Body Disabilities – Chiara De Marchi project

Sometimes you meet great people and amazing projects. Internet helps a lot! Maybe one day they I’ll met Chiara de Marchi

In another life : Memori PART 1

In another life I worked in IT (yes yes). I met Nunzio just 3/4 months before leaving Italy (2000). At that time Nunzio was be