Start of the year CLEANING / NETTOYAGE de début d’année / PULIZIA inizio anno

nettoyage 2018
OK, until end of January, it’s official !,
we can do actions and calling them “starting of the year action” 😉
The one I describe here was actually in my mind for quite a while but now seemed the right moment
to go into action .
I decide to free myself from few paintings that for some reason stayed with me but don’t
have the right to be here anymore.
Few are early artworks, but I will keep few that are from the same time…So painting’s age is not a reason.
These, I don’t wanna keep them because they’re represents things that
I want let go for good , concepts or experiences that are not useful anymore.
This is why I call it the “cleaning”
They’ll be available for few days at a very low prices, then next week I’ll destroy them in a way or another.
Send me a message if you’re interested in one of them.
And if you decided that is the right moment to do some cleaning too in your life I wish you a happy cleaning !*******************************************************************************
OK, jusqu’à la fin janvier, c’est officiel!, nous prendre des décisions et les appeler “action de début d’année” 😉
L’une des miennes est dans mon esprit depuis un bon moment mais là c’est le temps juste pour passer à l’action.
Éliminer des tableaux qui, pour une raison ou une autre, sont restées avec moi mais qu’ils n’ont vraiment plus de raisons
pour rester ici.
Certains sont vieux, par exemple, parmi mes premières œuvres mais leur age n’est pas vraiment une raison
car je ne garde qu’ils sont de la même époque.
Je ne veux plus les garder parce qu’ils représentent des choses que je souhaite laisser aller pour de bon,
des concepts ou des expériences que j’ai intégrés, pas toujours plaisantes d’ailleurs mais qu’ont épuisé leur fonction.
C’est pourquoi j’ai appelé ça un “nettoyage”
Ils vont être disponibles pour quelques jours à un prix très bas, puis la semaine prochaine je vais les détruire.
Envoyez-moi un message si vous êtes intéressé par l’un d’entre eux.
Et si vous décidez que pour vous aussi c’est le bon moment pour faire un peu de place dans votre vie aussi, je vous souhaite un heureux nettoyage !

***************************************************************************************OK, fino alla fine di gennaio, è ufficiale!, possiamo prendere delle decisioni e definirle “decisioni di inizio dell’anno ” 😉
In realtà avevo nella testa da un po’ di tempo di “fare pulizia” e mi sembra sia arrivato il momento buono per
passare all’azione.
Elimino dei quadri che per qualche motivo sono rimasti con me ma che non hanno più ragione di essere qui.
Certi sono vecchi, fanno parte dei primi lavori, ma in realtà ne restano con me alcuni che fanno parte dello stesso
periodo e da cui non mi separero’ (o almeno non ancora) .
Quindi l’età del quadro non è una ragione.
Questi non voglio tenerli perché simboli diversi che voglio definitivamente lasciarmi alle spalle che siano concetti o esperienze
che hanno dato quello che dovevano, ora possono andare.
Ed è il motivo per cui ho chiamato questo “fare pulizia”
Saranno disponibili ancora per pochi giorni a prezzi bassissimi, poi la prossima settimana li distruggerò.
Mandami un messaggio se sei interessato a uno di loro.
E se decidi di fare anche tu qualcosa di simile nella tua vita ti auguro buona pulizia!

2 thoughts on “Start of the year CLEANING / NETTOYAGE de début d’année / PULIZIA inizio anno

  1. Pamela Green

    Hi Gioia,

    As you know, I love your work, the vibrant process you bring to each piece, and how they each hold such intention and story.
    If you are willing to clean house, to help with this process, I would be so happy to have the top left-hand piece…Beautiful Family..? As well as the one on the top right, of the family out doors.

    For my Ananda Montessori space, my birthing and parenting workshop environment, these would be welcomed.
    I am not sure how you would pass these on, if in download format or how, but you can let me know. And others might be dearly interested as well.

    Love to you,

    1. GioiaAlbanoArtist Post author

      Hi Pamela! So nice you write me here 😀
      These two paintings are on sale until the middle of the week.
      I hope they can find a house if this is their destiny.
      The top left is “A beautiful family” and is quite a big piece since is 60 x 80 cm (80 euros)
      The other one “A nice family of four” is a medium size 40 x 50 cm (40 euros)
      I wanted to give them a last chance with a crazy price… 😉
      I sell them through the facebook album where you can find all details :

      I can ship them together of course, for Usa I have to ask around 30 euros (prices on shipping have gone crazy over here)
      Let me know if you’re interested, for the big one I have a request on it but
      the lady didn’t decide yet so I suppose the first that says the word….
      Speak you soon

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