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You want too much / TU veux tout faire Il faut choisir / Vuoi fare troppe cose….

I’ve often been say that I wanted to do many things and never finish any. This approach is always quite common with chil

Planning, the bad word ;-)

“Just look” video (and holidays)

Mon dernier #ArtFriday a été inspiré par quelque chose qui est encore très difficile pour moi: rester simplement assise et

Sacred Woman and International women’s day (the story behind the painting and more)

International women’s day. At 42 and half (the HALF is important as for the two years old or the fifteen years old !) I

Everybody needs a cat in their life (sometimes two) . The story behind the painting

And a dog, of course, don’t get me wrong : I love dogs ! The best for me is to have them both and if the grow together e

Always a good night kiss (Always!) – (the story behind the painting)

Always, always kiss your child goodnight….. Parenting can be really though sometimes, you know that, I certainly do! How

VALENTINE FOR ALL (Universal love)

Loving your inner child (Why I do paint motherhood)

Ok, now That I may have your attention let’s see if I can explain this with words others than images. Don’t get me

We do need some magic (sketch friday mode ON )

Hello world! A bit late this week and still thinking hard to the use of this blog which I don’t wanna be “justR

Four Season

Let me introduce you “Winter Breastfeeding”, born today 😉 As people that follow me know well breastfeeding is o